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Sunshine Organic Herbals LLC

PCOS Support Tea

PCOS Support Tea

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PCOS Support Herbal Blend Tea: A rejuvenating fusion tailored for women's wellness! Sugar-craving reducing, women's health supporting, liver-function enhancing, adaptogenic, and mood-enhancing, this caffeine-free blend combines gymnema, red clover, vitex berries, black cohosh, maca, dandelion root + leaf, shatavari, damiana, dong quai, ginger, and licorice to holistically empower and nurture. Embrace your inner strength with this thoughtfully curated herbal melody!

INGREDIENTS: Gymnema*, Red Clover*, Vitex Berries*,  Black Cohosh*, Maca*, Dandelion Leaf*, Dandelion Root*, Shatavari*, Damiana*, Dong Quai*, Ginger*, and Licorice*


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