Are you new to the world of herbs and natural health and wellness? Don't worry! We are here to help.

What makes Sunshine Organic Herbals the herbal shop for me?

All of our herbal tea blends and liquid herbal extracts are created in our certified licensed commercial kitchen and we are registered with the FDA. Pretty legit don't you think? Plus we are a pretty rad crew of awesome humans, ready to help you with all your health, wellness and crystal needs.

    How are your teas and herbal tea blends sold?

    Our herbal tea blends are sold loose in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz resealable bags. New to loose herbs? Once you try our freshly handcrafted herbal blends, you will never go back to inferior tea bags!

    How do I prepare the loose herbs into a cup (or pot) of tea?

    First this is make sure you have a tea infuser or tea pot https://www.sunshineherbals.net/collections/tea-accessories

    Depending on how strong you like your cup of tea, we typically suggest 1 tsp - 1 Tbls of loose herbs per cup. Steeping times will vary, dependent on the herbs used, but a good rule of thumb is to steep for 5 minutes. If you like a stronger flavor, definitely steep longer. We do have general instructions on each package. Undo the turmoil of your world one cup of tea at a time!

    What is a Tincture/Extract ?

    A Tincture is a liquid extract made from herbs that you take orally (by mouth). Extracted normally in alcohol but can also be extracted in vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar. Super easy and convenient to use.

    How do I use your extracts?

    Most of our extracts you just add a dropperful or two in a little water, tea, or juice a couple times a day and you are on your way to health nirvana.

    When will I receive my order?

    We typically ship your order within 1-2 business days and use USPS priority mail shipping. You will receive a USPS tracking number once your order has shipped via email.

    What is your return/refund policy?

    Customer service is our #1 goal here. If you are not satisfied, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of your order so we can rectify the situation to your liking. Whether that is a replacement or a refund we are happy to accommodate your needs.