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Sunshine Organic Herbals LLC

Cool Down Hormone Helper Tea

Cool Down Hormone Helper Tea

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Cool Down Hormone Helper Herbal Blend Tea: Dive into a realm of tranquility and balance with this unique blend. Hormone-regulating, stress-relieving, and naturally caffeine-free, it combines strawberry leaf, black cohosh, red clover, chrysanthemum, holy basil, vitex berries, dandelion leaf + root, lemon balm, and peppermint for a rejuvenating infusion. Immerse yourself in nature's symphony and find your inner equilibrium with this exquisite herbal blend!

INGREDIENTS: Strawberry Leaf*, Black Cohosh*, Red Clover*, Chrysanthemum*, Holy Basil* Vitex Berries*, Dandelion Leaf*, Dandelion Root*, Shatavari*, Lemon Balm*, and Peppermint*


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