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Sunshine Organic Herbals LLC

Fiber Blend Mix

Fiber Blend Mix

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Fiber Blend Mix

Introducing Sunshine Organic Herbals' meticulously crafted blend, the key to optimizing your digestive health and supporting weight management. This nutritious concoction features nature's most beneficial fibers like Chia Seed, Flax Seeds, and Psyllium.

🍃 Effortless Mixing: Combine 2 tsp. of the Fiber Blend Mix into an 8 oz. cup of your preferred beverage - cranberry or orange juice being ideal choices. Experience the rich texture and natural taste.

🌿 Organic Pledge: Every ingredient in this blend, from the chia seeds to the psyllium, has been responsibly curated, ensuring Sunshine Organic Herbals' commitment to organic quality and wholeness.

🌤 Digestive Harmony: Use this mix 30 minutes before each meal to aid in weight loss. Ensure you take with adequate fluids to prevent any discomfort. With every spoonful, journey towards better gut health and overall well-being.

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