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Sunshine Organic Herbals LLC

Pain, Inflammation & Anxiety Tea

Pain, Inflammation & Anxiety Tea

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Pain, Inflammation & Anxiety Herbal Blend

Introducing Sunshine Organic Herbals' meticulously crafted blend, the remedy to pain, inflammation, and anxiety. This herbal concoction is a fusion of nature's most potent herbs like Cat's Claw, Devil's Claw, Passionflower, Meadowsweet, Willow Bark, Turmeric, Skullcap, Ginger Root, Rhodiola, Lemon Balm, Holy Basil, and Ashwagandha Root.

🍃 Effortless Brewing: A 2-gram serving size promises up to 28 enriching cups. For a therapeutic experience, let it steep for 15-20 minutes while covered. Feel free to personalize with your favorite sweetener. Enjoy it hot for a calming session or iced for refreshing relief.

🌿 Organic Pledge: Each herb has been carefully selected and sourced, staying true to Sunshine Organic Herbals' promise of purity and organic goodness.

🌤 Peaceful Moments: Let every sip take you on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation, aiding in soothing pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

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